Scholarship Check List

Application Checklist

  • Letter of Recommendation from Local Virginia Resident Sheriff?
  • Application Complete and Signed?
  • Majoring in Criminal Justice Field (Not pre-law/law)?
  • Attending Virginia College or University?
  • Application Received in the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute’s Office by May 1, 2018 (postmarks not accepted)?
  • Essay Attached?
  • High School Transcripts attached (for incoming freshman applicants only)?
  • College Transcripts attached for currently enrolled college students? College student’s transcripts must provide major.
  • Proof of Acceptance from College or University Attached?
  • S.A.T. and/or ACT Scores Attached (for incoming freshman applicants only)?
  • For Students 18 and older, a copy of voter registration card attached? For students under 18, a copy of a picture ID with home address attached?
To access the online scholarship application, please check here January 2018
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