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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
Supporting Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Master Deputy Efrem Little will never forget the November Nor’easter of 2010.  When he got to work, NSO’s Fire Safety Coordinator Paul Ballance told him they needed his help evacuating people in Ocean View.  “When we started, I told ‘Fire One’ whatever you need me to do, I got it, however long you want me to stay,” said Little. “I’d never done anything like that before, but I was glad to help.  Fire fighters went into the neighborhood with life rafts to get people.  That’s how deep the water was, and they brought them to us.”

The next three days and nights, Little and Ballance transported people and pets to shelters in the NSO’s transportation bus.  On January 27th, Little humbly accepted the Deputy of the Year award at Tidewater Post 327 of the American Legion’s “Law and Order Night” to honor public safety personnel who’ve demonstrated exceptional heroism and bravery.