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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
Supporting Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Sheriff Gabe Morgan is pleased to announce the promotion and appointment of several deputies that took effect on July 25.

Sgt. T. Woodhouse is now Acting Lieutenant.

Master Deputy Bullock, re-accepted into the Master Deputy Program, is now Cpl. Bullock.

Six men and women are wearing the insignia of Master Deputy for the first time:

Master Deputy V. Warren
Master Deputy T. Strother
Master Deputy A. Briggs
Master Deputy T. Ettleman
Master Deputy S. Jones
Master Deputy D. Landy

Acceptance into the NNSO Master Deputy Program is for a term of two years unless removal from the program occurs due to disciplinary action or other causes.  Master Deputies bear the responsibility of maintaining eligibility to participate in the program.

Congratulations to all!