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The Newport News Sheriff’s Office is expanding its Project Lifesaver Program thanks to a $6,000 grant from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Project Lifesaver is designed specifically to monitor children and adults who may wander from safety due to Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down syndrome, or traumatic brain injury.  Each client wears a wrist or ankle transmitter that emits an individualized radio frequency signal that helps trained deputies quickly locate the person.

The NNSO has a 100% success rate.

“The true value of Project Lifesaver lies in the peace of mind and sense of security it gives families.  Those assurances cannot be measured in dollars.  With this generous gift from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, we can assist more families at no cost to them,” says Sheriff Gabe Morgan.

There are about 70 adults and children in Newport News currently enrolled in the NNSO’s program.

The grant will pay for new transmitters, batteries, and wristbands to serve families who meet Project Lifesaver qualifications.

“The Newport News Sheriff’s Office’s Project Lifesaver program is a valuable public safety tool for families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related illnesses,” said Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr., President and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  “Every family caregiver’s number one priority is keeping their loved one safe.  We’re pleased to help the Newport News Sheriff’s Office expand this valuable public safety program to protect individuals living with dementia.”

Newport News families can get information about Project Lifesaver on the  Newport News Sheriff’s Office website or calling 757-926-8585.

Anyone with questions about caring for a loved one with a dementia-related illness or accessing support services can call the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Helpline at 866-232-8484 or visit