Montgomery County Master Deputy Chris Lucas Named Virginia D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year

In July, Master Deputy Chris T. Lucas was named Virginia DARE Officer of the Year at the 2009 VA School Safety Conference in Hampton.  Chris was recognized for his teaching skills and his ability to positively influence the children in his DARE classes.  He has taught DARE in the Montgomery County Public Schools for 10 years, as well as, working as a School Resource Officer within the schools.  Upon his return, Deputy Lucas was also recognized by the school system for his efforts in DARE.

The DARE program is taught in the elementary schools in the county and continues to be a highlight for the fifth graders each year.  Montgomery County deputies have taught DARE every year since first introducing it to the county schools in 1987.  Through both DARE and the School Resource Officer program students are exposed to positive law enforcement role models from elementary through high school.


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