Upcoming VSI conferences to train and educate Virginia sheriffs and deputies

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute Spring Conference is designed to inform sheriffs and deputies on matters relating to their office that passed during the most recent session of the General Assembly. The 2020 Spring Conference is being held at the Embassy Suites Hampton and the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia, April 22-24, 2020.

For more information and to register online for the 2020 VSI spring conference, please check HERE.


VSA Exhibitions – Why exhibitors should participant in the two annual VSA exhibitions (April and September)?

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association (VSA) represents 95% of the 123 sheriff’s offices in Virginia with over 8,300 sheriff, deputy and sheriff’s office staff members with law enforcement, jails, court services and civil process responsibilities. 

Consistently, both annual exhibitions (April and September) attract over 275 sheriffs and key decision makers from over 75% of the sheriffs’ offices in Virginia. Over and over exhibitors at VSA’s exhibitions compliment the sheriffs and their staff regarding their friendliness and their willingness to talk with each exhibitor in the exhibit hall.  VSA ensures maximum amount of exposure to exhibitors by providing meals, coffee breaks and specific exhibit time in the exhibit hall.

For companies interested in the spring 2020 exhibition, please click HERE.


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    Supporting Virginia’s sheriffs and deputies

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