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VSI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education & training

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute (VSI) was organized in 1981 and serves as the educational arm of Virginia Sheriffs Association (VSA). The Institute, funded primarily by citizens throughout Virginia, is involved in a myriad of training and educational activities and does not participate in any political activities.

The Institute sponsors a spring management and training conference for sheriffs and deputies, a newly elected sheriffs’ school, lawful employment training for sheriffs, the Virginia State Police Association Emergency Relief Fund, the Virginia Network for Victims and Witnesses of Crime, Inc., Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc., Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, Inc., the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund to honor Virginia officers killed in the line of duty and scholarships for students entering into the criminal justice field.

2018 VSI Annual Report

  • Our sheriffs work to protect the people of Virginia

    Our sheriffs work to protect the people of Virginia

    Every day, thousands of brave men and women protect our communities and way of life. Learn More »

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