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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
Supporting Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Forty Eight kids, Twelve Mentors, volunteer support staff, City Officials and Community business leaders came out to join, Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Jim O’Sullivan, at his 1st Annual Children Today Leaders Tomorrow Mentoring Camp 2010.

Colonel O’Sullivan developed the mentoring program in hopes of helping the community youth in developing skills in teamwork, leadership, and community service while at the same time just having fun. The program has 48 kids from all over Chesapeake participating in this one of a kind program. The boys ages 10 – 12  spent an entire weekend at the Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake. The campers had the opportunity to talk with city and community leaders, professional athletes and volunteers from the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office and along the way they found time to fish, shoot archery and participate in a scavenger hunt.

This program is co-sponsored by Robert Twine whose company Collins Machine Works was the title sponsor of this year’s event and has already committed again for next year.

This program gives an opportunity for kids from all walks of life to fulfill their potential with the guidance of those who genuinely care and are willing to give their own time.