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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
Supporting Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

mcdonnellRICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell announced today a key recommendation of $28.9 million for sheriffs and jails in his final budget.

In support of the Governor’s proposal, John W. Jones, Executive Director of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association said, “Virginia sheriffs are on the front line for law enforcement, court services, and jail administration, serving the entire criminal justice system. Governor McDonnell’s budget recommendation comes at critical time to address rural law enforcement services and critically needed compensation adjustments in salaries for our deputies. As the primary law enforcement first responders for most areas in Virginia, the sheriffs welcome and appreciate Governor McDonnell’s proposal. The sheriffs will be working with all of our General Assembly members to ensure the passage of this recommendation.”

Senator Jill Vogel, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, welcomed the Governor’s recommendation. “Our sheriffs and deputy sheriffs proudly protect the public each and every day all across the Commonwealth, and I look forward to supporting these recommendations as we move through the legislative process,” said Senator Vogel.

Delegate Charles Poindexter, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, also applauded the Governor’s action. “I’m pleased the Governor recognized the need for salary adjustments in public safety,” said Delegate Poindexter. “The full committee and subcommittees will address this issue as we develop the budget.”

Today the General Assembly money committees heard Governor McDonnell’s recommendations for the two-year budget beginning July 2014.