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Roanoke Sheriff Mark Armentrout

In 2004, Radford Sheriff Mark Armentrout started a program for senior citizens called “Good Morning Radford.” Once a senior joins the program, a deputy or staff member makes a daily call to not only brighten their day but to check on their well-being and ensure the senior is not having any health-related difficulties. If numerous calls go unanswered, a deputy is dispatched to the senior’s residence. This program has been a big hit with the Radford community. There are currently 13 “Good Morning Radford” participants, but many more seniors have inquired about the program. While these daily calls are often short and friendly, there have been many instances when the calls have been lifesaving. Recently, a participant with a history of heart issues experienced chest pain while speaking with a deputy on the phone. EMS was dispatched immediately, and the participant was transported to the hospital, where they recovered for a week. This program makes a big difference in the lives of the seniors enrolled in the program, as most of the participants do not have family living nearby. With “Good Morning Radford,” the Radford Sheriff’s Office is giving the participants a feeling of security and friendship.