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Richmond City patchSheriff C.T. Woody presented Deputy Kurtshel Stroman of the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office with the ‘Meritorious Duty Award’ for her selfless actions over the weekend ensuring the safety of the community.

On Sunday, July 24, while shopping in Chesterfield County at a local supermarket, Deputy Stroman encountered a man later identified as Ricky Ramos assaulting a group of women in the entrance way to the store. Deputy Stroman engaged the individual to protect those being attacked, and took the necessary actions to restrain the suspect until the Chesterfield County Police Department responded. Deputy Stroman also discovered a firearm on the offender, and took necessary steps to secure it, preventing potential disaster. The suspect was taken into custody by the Chesterfield County Police Department who charged Ramos with 2 counts of assault and battery, 2 counts of assault and battery as hate crime and a misdemeanor count of carrying a firearm while under the influence.

“I am very proud of Deputy Stroman and her willingness to put her own safety on the line to protect those around her,” said Sheriff Woody. “She is an example of the selflessness and professionalism shown by law enforcement every day. Deputy Stroman utilized her law enforcement training to ensure that others were protected. I couldn’t imagine what could have happened if Deputy Stroman did not intervene when she did. In this time of heightened scrutiny of law enforcement, I am grateful of the regional cooperation that was shown in this most recent arrest.”