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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
Supporting Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

2016 Chesterfield new flagSheriff Karl Leonard announced that the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office has recently updated its organizational flag to better reflect its values and beliefs. The new design incorporates many subtle signs and symbols that hold special meaning, including:

  • The top ribbon contains a thin blue line representing the brotherhood and sisterhood for all those who serve in law enforcement.
  • The bottom ribbon contains a thin black line representing all those in law enforcement who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • The gold chain surrounding our seal serves as a symbol of the solidarity and strength of the organization and its people. The organization understands that it is only as good as those that comprise it. Within the chain you will notice a red, white and blue link symbolic of our great nation and our patriotism within the organization. The red link represents volunteers, the white link represents civilian personnel and the blue link represents sworn personnel. The sheriff’s office knows that it is only able to succeed because of all of these important parts that make up the organization.
  • The two eagles represent the strength of the organization and all of its members. The eagles face outward to show that they are protecting the sheriff’s office and all of its members.
  • Finally, the motto “Non Verba Facere” – which translates to “performance not words” – represents the office’s mission to simply let doing its best and being its best be a reflection on what the office is – not just its words.