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HCSO LA flood 1On August 12, Baton Rouge and southern Louisiana experienced severe flooding due to the 20 inches of rain that they experienced in just a mere 48-hour time frame. The American Red Cross has declared it the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy that occurred four years ago. These severe floods have caused thousands of people to lose their homes or be displaced from their homes. The damage left many people without supplies or the means to purchase them. Local stores’ supplies are depleted due to such a high demand.

Sheriff Fred Clark wanted to see how the Halifax County community could help these victims. Due to seeing recent media coverage of ‘God’s Pit Crew’ (a crisis response team located in Danville, VA) driving to Louisiana with tractor trailers full of supplies for these victims, Sheriff Clark contacted God’s Pit Crew to see if his office could partner with them for flood relief efforts and disaster aid.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office requested that donations be collected from August 22-26. By mid-week, the office’s crime prevention trailer was loaded with supplies.

“The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office has been overwhelmed by the community support that we have received from this project,” said Sheriff Clark. “I have always said that we are blessed to live in such a giving and caring community and projects like these really reflect the sincere generosity and kindness of our town.”

All donations are being taken to God’s Pit Crew where the supplies will be organized and delivered to the designated areas in Louisiana that have been affected by the devastating flooding.