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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
Supporting Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Chesterfield County Sheriff Karl Leonard would like to make everyone aware of the ‘Shield a Badge with a Prayer’ program, founded in 1988 by Bernadette and Peter Henz, Jr. In 1983, when one of their four sons became a police officer for the Arlington Texas Police Department, Mrs. Henz found herself praying daily for his safety, good judgement and a safe return home. The daily prayers for his safety slowly were joined in by close friends and by her church prayer group. When two of her other sons became officers, Mrs. Henz realized all officers need prayers of safety — and thus the idea of ‘Shield a Badge’ was formed.

The goal of the program is to involve the local community with those in law enforcement. The ‘Shield a Badge with a Prayer’ program is simply that, — to shield each badge with prayer from others so that they may do their job. This is an opportunity for the community to be involved and show appreciation to our law enforcement personnel as well as for the deputies to feel appreciated by the local community in which they serve. There are many other law enforcement agencies across the country with programs similar to ‘Shield a Badge.’

If you or your church would like to be a participant in this program or would like more information regarding the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office ‘Shield a Badge with a Prayer’ program, please contact Chaplain David Watts at [email protected] or by phone at 804-706-2079.