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On January 27, 2017, Hampton Sheriff’s Office inmates graduated from the Inner Reflections Program, a joint effort between the Hampton Sheriff’s Office and the Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board (H-NNCSB), designed to include a variety of recovery techniques and strategies to help inmates identify barriers to their recovery. With the support of a certified substance abuse counselor, inmates experience their own self-discovery and strategies to prepare them as they transition back to their communities, as returning citizens. After 8 weeks, a celebration ceremony is conducted, recognizing participants who successfully completed the program. During this ceremony, graduates related their journey experiences. One graduate stated, “The Inner Reflections curriculum has aided me to write, verbalize, and deal with my disease.” Many of the graduates communicated that the group sessions were an opportunity to reflect on and understand how their chemical dependency had interfered with their lives, as well as the importance of continuing to attend NA/AA meetings offered at the Hampton Correctional Facility in aiding in their recovery. For more information, contact: Lieutenant B. Kuemper 757-926-2540.