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Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith reported that one of his deputies recently saved a man’s life while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. Smith said that he recently received a call from the victim’s wife who shared the heroic story, stating that her husband was swimming in a pool at their hotel along with several other people when he suddenly grabbed his chest and immediately lost consciousness, sinking to the pool’s floor.

Deputy Dan Gray, who was at the pool, pulled the man from the bottom. The victim was not breathing and had no pulse, according to his wife. Gray began CPR on the man and, after several minutes, the victim regained consciousness and began to breathe on his own.

Paramedics arrived a short time later and transported the victim to the hospital. The paramedics told the wife that Gray’s quick application of chest compressions and rescue breaths saved her husband’s life. The woman told Smith that her husband was doing well since the incident.

Deputy Gray has been employed by the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office for eight years and is currently assigned to the patrol division. He is also a member of the office’s tactical response team.

“Dan doesn’t see that he did anything extraordinary, but the victim’s family certainly thinks otherwise,” said Sheriff Smith. “I am proud to have him as a member of our law enforcement family.”

Sheriff Smith added that law enforcement professionals realize that their chosen profession is not just a job; it is an identity.

“We chose this profession because we have a constant, underlying desire to help and protect others,” said Smith. “That’s how we are wired, and Deputy Gray’s actions show that.”