Zapata Deputy of the Year

The Hampton Fraternal Order Police, Lodge #26 recently celebrated and awarded the outstanding law enforcement officers from our local areas who have distinguished themselves with their service to their agency and the community in the past year. Sergeant K. Zapata is the Deputy of the Year for the Hampton Sheriff’s Office.

Zapata is a six year veteran of the Hampton Sheriff’s Office and is currently assigned to the Corrections Division as a first-line supervisor responsible for the day-to-day operations in the correctional facilities and maintaining the security, safety and control of inmates confined to the Hampton City Jail. Sergeant Zapata is a Crisis Intervention Team member and a member of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT). Zapata is passionate about helping young people and is dedicated to assisting the Hampton Sheriff’s Office to create a better community.

Zapata Deputy of the Year

Left to right: FOP #26 President, Wes Quillin and Sergeant Zapata.

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