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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has been busy promoting several very important initiatives, including a “Put Down That Phone” campaign to prevent operating a phone while driving, and a “Too Good For Drugs” program. Recently, members of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office visited Benjamin Franklin Middle School to talk about the dangers of drugs. Additionally, the sheriff’s office is preparing for Operation Christmas Joy, a fundraiser that works to provide Christmas presents to children in the community who otherwise might not receive gifts.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Urges Drivers to “Put Down That Phone”

In an effort to lower the rising rates of accidents and fatalities in our state and nation, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is urging drivers to please not operate their phone while driving.

Effective January 1st, 2021, it will be unlawful for any person to operate a moving motor vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth while using any handheld personal communication devices (Code of VA 46.2-1078.1).

Between now and January 1st, 2021, the sheriff’s office will be posting the “Phone Down, It’s The Law” image below with stats and tips for a successful transition that adheres to this new law.

Check out the video HERE.

Phone Down, It's The Law
Phone Down, It’s The Law


School Resource Officer Discusses “Too Good for Drugs” Program with Local Teens

Recently, the 6th and 7th grade students at Benjamin Franklin Middle School were taught about the dangers of drugs through the “Too Good for Drugs” Program.

School Resource Officer Deputy Mills worked with Piedmont Community Services, Kristi Norton and Tony Wright, to plant 200 red tulip bulbs at the East and West Campus at Benjamin Franklin Middle School as a “Plant a Promise” initiative.

“Plant a Promise” Initiative
“Plant a Promise” Initiative


Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Still Producing Christmas Charity Without Trees

For the past several years, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office pre-sold Christmas trees in order to help families in Franklin County during this holiday season. This year is different.

Deputy H. L. Nolen, Outreach Coordinator, said recently, “We knew last year we could not continue selling trees due to issues in the Christmas tree industry that had nothing to do with COVID, but this pandemic did force us to cancel other fundraising events we had scheduled in 2020. Without being able to independently raise funds, the focus then was to partner with the churches in the community to assist in the newly named outreach Operation Christmas Joy.”

Deputy Nolen said, “We do not choose the families. We were given names by the Franklin County Public Schools and have contacted them. We now are in the process of calling local churches to see how much they can assist families located in each elementary school district.”

“Everyone has been affected by COVID,” Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton said, “so we are trying to be sensitive to this when we approach the church community. There is a possibility we might not need to call ALL the churches in the area, but if we have a situation where a church can take on a small portion of the overall ministry, we will reach out to them. The Office of the Sheriff thanks all those who purchased trees in the past and given the right circumstances, hope to continue this method of fund raising in the future.”

Operation Christmas Joy
Operation Christmas Joy