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There’s Something Special About Sarah!
This video was sent to Crystal while Sarah was dancing the night away and having the time of her life just like all of the teens.  

Sarah Lawson the beautiful young lady in this heartwarming video attended her first dance alone without a chaperone.  Her mother Crystal Clark Lawson shared this video of Sarah at Eastside High School Christmas dance last Saturday that was sponsored by parents.  The students have accepted Sarah and love her completely and are all inclusive.

Sarah is special needs, with Down Syndrome and is prone to wander.  Crystal signed her up on the Wise County Sheriff’s Office Project Life Saver Program six years ago when she was only 9 years old.  Deputies placed a transmitter that would emit a signal on Sarah’s ankle in the event she became lost or wandered away.  This gave mom peace of mind and just allowed Sarah to be her amazing self.  There are times as she grew that she didn’t like it or was embarrassed by it so, mom helped her decorate it with glitter, paint and stickers.  Soon this clunky ankle bracelet became a way of life and independence for Sarah.

Crystal has also become active in the Coeburn community promoting the Angels Softball and Basketball Teams, Special Needs Ball, 321 Down’s Syndrome and Autism Day. She has also coordinated fundraising efforts for a special needs park in their hometown.  Her efforts to promote inclusion for special needs individuals has benefited not only Sarah but many more.