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Newport News’ Sheriff Morgan recently accepted a generous Project Lifesaver donation. The Newport News Sheriff’s Office is one of two agencies to receive a surprise donation from Project Lifesaver.

Mr. Paul Ballance, the chief of operations for Project Lifesaver, stopped by with two 60-day transmitter kits to give to Sheriff Gabe Morgan.

He and Lt. Gross, the program coordinator, thanked him for the early Christmas gift.  Sheriff Morgan talked about the importance of Project Lifesaver to the families of the nearly 80 clients living with cognitive disabilities. They depend on this tracking equipment to quickly locate their loved ones should they wander away.

Sheriff Morgan offers Project Lifesaver free of charge for Newport News residents who qualify.  No start-up costs, no monthly fees, no battery fees, just peace of mind for caregivers of our most vulnerable adults and children.

The donation of $650 worth of equipment on December 13 is most appreciated..

Learn about Project Lifesaver in Newport News:


Caption: Lt. Gross and Sheriff Gabe Morgan accept two transmitter kits from Paul Ballance of Project Lifesaver.