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On February 10, 2022, Deputy W.F. Cross with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office assisted Clays Mill Elementary School to dispense “Out of Harm’s Way” Scent Kits to over 60 students. In partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, Clays Mill purchased the kits from Find-M’ Friends, Inc. which is a non-profit charity organization that donated Gus, our bloodhound, to the Sheriff’s Office. The mission of Find-M’ Friends, Inc. is to train and donate bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies all over the country. In the event a person such as a child, Dementia patient, elderly individual, etc. should go missing, the FMF Scent Kits provides trained bloodhounds with a fresh scent that greatly increases the chances of locating that individual. These kits are important because an uncontaminated scent article is hard to find in a house especially one that is full of children and pets.
Halifax County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Clays Mill Elementary School for allowing Deputy Cross to speak to the students about the job Gus has if one of the children ever go missing. Although the sheriff’s office was not able to get to all the students at this time, it was a very good start to making sure children in the community are as safe as they can be.
If anyone has any questions about the scent kits, they can contact Deputy Cross at the Sheriff’s Office at or can go to Find-M’ Friends, Inc. Facebook page at