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Sheriff’s Office Alerts of New Scam

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents of a new scam in the area.

Confirmed in the Roanoke area, the Office of the Sheriff wants everyone to be alert of a mobile group of people attempting to scam and target the elderly.

From information we have received from our Roanoke area law enforcement agencies, plus agencies in the several South Carolina jurisdictions, this group is known by the name of Irish Travelers.

Reportedly, they offer to seal driveways and/or paint houses, sheds and barns. The product they use is diluted with gasoline and damages most driveways beyond repair. The painting of buildings is also done with a diluted paint (with gasoline again) and doesn’t stay on the building.

No current photos at this time, but we are told they drive newer Dodge trucks with large tanks in the back. In our area, reports show they were using Dodge trucks that were white in color.

Be vigilant and share this post with all of your friends.

If you have any information, any questions or you are with the Media,  please contact Investigator Steve McFarling at 540-352-5221 or via email.


Office of The Sheriff Reminds Residents of Dangers Related to Texting And Driving

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is reminding members of the community that April has been designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Statistical data reveals texting and driving is the most deadly of all distracted driving incidents. The phone call and text CAN WAIT. Don’t be on your phone will driving. It is the LAW!

Sheriff Overton  says, “Put down your phone will on the highways and please, arrive home safe to our family.”


Know Your Bicycle Hand Signals Before Taking to The Roads

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind motorists: warmer temps = more vulnerable roads users, such as cyclists, will be out on the roads. Take a moment to study the cycling hand signals that you will see cyclists using ⤵️ And, don’t forget to #SlowDown, #MoveOver & give cyclists at least 3′ of space when passing.

This message brought to you by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.