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NNSO Reaffirms Commitment to Senior Safety

The Newport News Sheriff’s Office reaffirmed its commitment to senior safety during the Peninsula Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) Council’s Senior Safety Summit.

More than 175 people attended the May 24 event held at Northside Christian Church in Yorktown.  The keynote speaker was Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares.  “The partnership between seniors and law enforcement through these programs are vital to protecting our elderly community from scams,” he said. Following his address, Major David Hughes, the NNSO’s Professional Standards chief, signed the cooperative agreement on behalf of Sheriff Gabe Morgan.

Leaders from other agencies and government offices signed the agreement as well.

Deputies with the Newport News Sheriff’s Office volunteered to assist with on-site document shredding for attendees who wanted safe destruction of papers with personal, identifying information and then served snacks and lunch.

Speakers throughout the event talked about issues like ID theft, estate planning and health, which were in keeping with the theme “25+ Years of Excellence – Keeping
Seniors Safe and Living Their Best Life.”

The Peninsula S.A.L.T. Council brings together representatives from sheriff’s offices, police departments, senior citizens, and senior service providers across the Peninsula.  The council’s primary focus is senior safety and the reduction of crime.

NNSO Deputies Shop With Kids for Athletic Gear

Deputies of the Newport News Sheriff’s Office teamed up with Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Newport News Police to take children on a shopping spree for athletic equipment and attire.

$100 gift cards from DICK’s management at the Newport News store were given to each child.  The excited youngsters and parents paired up with deputies and officers in search of just the right items.  Some knew exactly what they wanted; others took their time and assessed their options.  Many children ended up in the baseball/softballs area, picking out bats, gloves and helmets.  Others bought smaller items like clothing, accessories and sports bottles.

Lt. Kandyce Gross, who coordinated the NNSO’s involvement in the event, says connecting with youth in a fun, relaxed setting is beneficial.

“We enjoy being in the community. It helps us build trust with kids and create positive relationships we hope will stay with them as they grow up.”

Mark Millen says Dick’s rotates these shopping events throughout its Virginia stores and it was the Newport News store’s turn this year. “Dick’s Sporting Goods values its relationship with Law Enforcement and the public. This Shop with a Cop event allowed us to do both while having a great time and meeting new people.  I am fortunate that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this and give back to the community,” Millen said.

The boys and girls selected for the shopping spree are already involved in athletics.  The new equipment is sure to help them step up their game.