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On July 6, 2022, the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office held its 2nd Quarter Service Awards and Promotional Ceremony in Chesapeake City Council Chambers. In addition to recognizing 5, 15, 20, and 25 years of service, Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan awarded a Citizen’s Service Award, Community Service Award, Life-Saving Awards, Deputy of the Quarter, and Promotions. Here are a few of the highlights:
Deputy R. Muse was named the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office’s “Deputy of the 2nd Quarter.” Deputy Muse is a consummate professional and extremely valuable in any role he takes. He currently utilizes his variety of training to investigate and track down illegal contraband entering the facility. For example, in June, he was integral in detecting a new tactic being used to smuggle narcotics into the jail through legal mail. Deputy Muse launched an investigation and collected enough evidence to charge the inmate with conspiracy to smuggle drugs into a correctional center. His investigations have also prevented suicide attempts and alerted sister agencies to potential threats.
Promotions (left to right) Sgt. A. Plummer, Lt. R. Hauesser, Capt. D. McNair Jr., Major J. Hyman
Sergeant M. Belby received a “Life-Saving Award.” On May 21, 2022, Sergeant Michael Belby and a sergeant with the Chesapeake Police Department were serving as Carnival Area Supervisors of the Chesapeake Jubilee. The pair came across an elderly woman who said she was feeling overwhelmed by the heat and needed assistance finding her car. Despite her initial refusal for medical attention, the sergeants insisted a paramedic check her out before she left. Fire Department officials later told them that the woman had suffered a heart attack and would have almost certainly died without their intervention.
Deputy C. White received a “Life-Saving Award.” On May 11, 2022, Deputy White was conducting a security round when he heard a loud bang coming from a housing unit in the Chesapeake Correctional Center. When Deputy White followed the sound, he found an inmate attempting to commit suicide. As his fellow deputies sounded the alarm, Deputy White entered the cell, cut the noose, and lowered the inmate to the ground. Thanks in large part to Deputy White’s quick reaction, the inmate was transported to the hospital, where he recovered.
Sgt. D. Gill, Inv. B. Kirby, Master Deputy J. Sims (not pictured), Senior Deputy A. Jennings, and Deputy C. Skinner received “Life-Saving Awards.” Sergeant Duane Gill, Investigator Brad Kirby, Master Deputy Janet Sims, Senior Deputy Alexander Jennings, and Deputy Cody Skinner


On May 18, 2022, an accidental gun discharge during a training exercise tested the preparedness of the CSO’s entire Training Academy staff and instructors. A member of the 19th Session Basic Deputy Academy accidentally discharged a round through the bottom of his holster during a routine firing drill. The bullet grazed the trainee’s thigh and became lodged in his lower leg. Instructors immediately jumped into action, flawlessly working together to administer first aid, stem blood loss, keep the trainee calm, and facilitate further help from paramedics. Thanks to their quick actions, teamwork, and professionalism, the trainee survived and is now recovering from a potentially life-threatening injury.