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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
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On October 4, 2022 Sergeant Jovan Stith, of Southampton County Sheriff’s Office, was flagged down by a citizen in the City of Franklin due to a residence being on fire. Sergeant Stith took immediate action to find out if anyone was still inside the residence. He was then made aware that a woman in her fifties with a small child was still in the burning house and was refusing to leave. Sergeant Stith then entered the burning residence and tried to convinced the lady to leave, who refused. Sergeant Stith then removed the child from the residence causing the lady to follow.


Sergeant Stith’s awareness , quick thinking, and prompt actions prevented injury, or worse, to the woman and small child by removing them from the rapidly deteriorating situation. His actions speak highly of his character, professionalism, and keeping in the high standards set fourth at the sheriff’s office.


For his actions on October 4, 2022, to provide aid to two residents in the City of Franklin Virginia, at the risk of personal injury to himself, Sergeant Stith was awarded the Medal of Merit.