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Pictured in the photo from left to right: Wayne Samuels, Brinley Samuels (Devin’s sister), Michelle Samuels and Chief Deputy Lee S. Bailey

On April 29, 2023, the annual Devin Samuels Memorial Truck and Car Show was held at Colonial Downs in New Kent County. This annual event is held in honor of the memory of Mr. Devin Samuels, and is intended to support, acknowledge, and to increase seat belt awareness and usage.

The memorial truck and car show was sponsored, coordinated, and supported by the Samuels family and many friends of Devin, along with truck and car enthusiasts from across Virginia.

The family was able to donate $8,758.00, to the New Kent Sheriff’s Office Safety Seat Fund with hopes of saving a life across Virginia roadways. The Sheriff’s Office will be partnering with our schools to create programs that will educate our middle and high school students emphasizing the importance of properly wearing safety restraints.