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Virginia Sheriffs' Institute
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Chloe Martin, Sheriff Hill, and Triniti White

Prince William County Sheriff Glendell Hill is pleased to announce the awarding of $500 and $1,000 scholarships to six local college students on Friday, June 9, 2023. The scholarship presentation was held in the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office Conference Room. The scholarship recipients, among their family members, were recognized for their academic achievements and commitment to pursuing a college education in the criminal justice field. During the presentation, Sheriff Hill spoke to the students on the importance of staying grounded. He stated, “don’t let peer pressure cause you to make bad decisions because it will affect your future career in criminal justice negatively.” He also commended the students for wanting to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Leah Jones and Sheriff Hill

The scholarships were provided to the students through the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute (VSI). The VSI Scholarship program was created to provide an opportunity for young people, across the state of Virginia, to receive financial assistance in their pursuit of an education in the criminal justice field while attending Virginia colleges and universities. The scholarship program would not exist without the financial support of local citizens and businesses who are associate members of VSI.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages local high school and college students to apply for the scholarship starting in February of each year. Students can re-apply for the scholarship while they are in college to continue receiving awards throughout their college years. This year, the VSI awarded 55 scholarships to students throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Prince William County Sheriff’s Office received six of those scholarships.

Student Name College/University Attending
Jamilah Dalton George Mason University
Allen Davis Virginia State University
Leah Jones Virginia State University
Chloe Martin Radford University
Anna Mihalovich Old Dominion University
Triniti White Hampton University