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9 NNSO deputies are Academy Graduates

After months of study and training, nine Newport News Sheriff’s Office deputies graduated from their courses at the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy in November.

Master Deputy Burkhart and Master Deputy Cannady completed the Basic Law Enforcement curriculum. They and the other members of Class 23-B received their certificates on November 21.

A week later, on November 28, Dep. Ahmed, Dep. Bailey, Dep. Burt, Dep. DeWeese, Dep. Fauntleroy. Dep. McLeod and Dep. Winchester completed the Basic Jailor school.

The NNSO is also proud that Dep. Bailey received the Leadership Award for Class 23-3, a recognition given to her by Academy staff. 

The deputies enjoyed their time at the academy and made many friends. But they couldn’t wait to return to the NNSO to begin putting all they learned into practice.