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After nine years of tracking suspects and finding missing people, the Newport News Sheriff’s Office said “Happy Retirement” to its search-and-rescue bloodhound Cooper.

March 27 was his last day on the job with Cpl. Blyth, his only handler. 

The Services Bureau recognized the occasion with a small celebration – a cake made by Civil clerk Anja Ramirez, a retirement plaque, a gift bag of toys and treats, and more.

Cooper came to the NNSO as a puppy in late 2014. After growing up a bit and passing training requirements, he received his deputy badge in 2015.   

As a team, Blyth and Cooper searched for missing people as part of our Project Lifesaver team, tracked suspects for agencies throughout Hampton Roads that needed Cooper’s bloodhound nose to sniff people out, and they even went to the Virginia Zoo in 2017 to see if he could help officials there find a red panda that had escaped its enclosure. 

Cooper was the K9 face of the NNSO, attending career days at schools, baseball games for special needs children and adults, and NNSO events. He also raised money for Special Olympics Virginia in September 2016.

He was so well known in the community that Cooper trading cards were created to give away at their appearances.

As is tradition, Cpl. Blyth purchased Cooper for $1.00.  Cooper is happy at home on the Blyth farm.

Thank you, Cooper, for all you’ve done for the NNSO and the community.