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Captain Darnell Black’s impressive career journey with the Petersburg Sheriff’s Office showcases his remarkable dedication, resilience, and exceptional skills as a law enforcement professional. Beginning in 2012 and rising swiftly to the rank of Sergeant before experiencing a temporary departure due to the jail’s closure in 2015, Captain Black’s commitment to service led him back to the Petersburg Sheriff’s Office in 2016. His extensive military background, retiring as an E7 with a distinguished array of awards and commendations, further underscores his exemplary leadership qualities.

Captain Black’s diverse experience, serving in challenging environments such as Iraq, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and numerous other duty stations, speaks to his unwavering dedication to duty and his country. This extensive background undoubtedly shapes his approach to serving his community.

Moreover, his notable achievements within the Sheriff’s Office, including proficiency across various posts and his certification in running selective enforcement operations, highlight his versatility and expertise in law enforcement. Captain Black’s recognition as the Petersburg Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Deputy Sheriff of the Year is a well-deserved honor, acknowledging his outstanding contributions, exemplary performance, and exceptional leadership within the agency. His commitment to service, professionalism, and dedication to public safety truly set him apart as a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Pictured from left to right: Lt. C. Bailey, Lt. Col. J. Lloyd, Captain D. Black,
Sheriff Vanessa R. Crawford, Lt. R. Gordon